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    For more than five decades, MDA has developed and deployed advanced, innovative, flexible satellite payloads for customers around the world.

    MDA is a global leader in satellite communication payloads, and a trusted partner with satellite operating agencies, platform providers, and customers. Its superior engineering and quality payloads have shaped space-based telecommunications since the 1960s. Today, MDA expertise is advancing next-generation payloads for communications and Earth observation.

    MDA’s advanced solutions enable high efficiency without sacrificing durability and throughput, supporting the new generation of smaller, lighter satellites. In addition to hosted payloads, MDA offers complete payload solutions and mission design and management plans to emerging satellite prime contractors.

    MDA space-based synthetic aperture radar capabilities include the design, build, and overall industrial responsibility for RADARSAT-1, RADARSAT-2, and the next-generation RADARSAT Constellation Mission payloads.